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Before Renting Student Accommodation

Posted by student on 11/06/2017
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Renting an apartment or room is a serious decision, which needs a great deal of attention before a final decision is made. When choosing an apartment/room to rent, Students have a variety of factors to consider and think about including, but not limited to, rent, property size, location, proximity to university, amenities, whether or not they want a roommate and how long they want to stay in the apartment/room.

Those who plan to rent an apartment should consider all of their options and types of accommodation before making a decision to ensure they are making the best possible decision. This article will discuss and consider the importance of considering all of the possible options as well as the possibility of having roommates and the importance of reading contracts carefully.

When renting an apartment/room, the Student should first investigate all of the options available to him/her to ensure he/she is able to make an informed and balanced decision. This is important because the Student may not even be aware of all of the available options until he starts to search for an student accommodation.

Do some research on the Internet

The best way to find out what type of apartments/rooms are available is to do some research on the Internet, like and in newspapers and rental magazines and then start visiting apartments which seem interesting and attractive. In visiting the apartments, the Student will get a better idea of the size and types of amenities which are available in his/her price range. He/she will also begin to learn more about the types of amenities available around the chosen location. This is important because not all apartments will offer the same amenities. Students may not find what they are looking for unless they visit and inspect a few places before making a decision.

Consider the Possibility of Roommates.

Deciding whether to have a roommate or multiple roommates is one of the important decisions a Student will have to make. This is an important decision because roommates can make a living situation either significantly better or significantly worse depending on a number of factors. These factors may include compatibility of the roommates, ability to pay the rent and ability to assist in the household activities.

Often larger apartments may be more affordable.

Having roommates can make an apartment/room more affordable. Often larger apartments may be more affordable for two people than a smaller apartment would be for one Student. Additionally, apartments or houses designed for two or more people often have a larger overall living space with a larger kitchen, dining room and living area. This makes the possibility of roommates very appealing to some Students.

However, there are some caveats to making the decision to live with a roommate. Care should be taken to carefully screen potential roommates to ensure they are not potentially harmful or detrimental. Strangers do not present the only potential roommate problems. Problems may even occur when the roommate is a trusted friend. There may be a personality clash. In these cases, compatible living styles may be the issue. For example, if one roommate likes to stay up late and watch television and the other roommate likes to go to study and sleep early there can be some conflicts and arguments if compromises are not made. Also, if one of the roommates is particularly neat and the other rather messy, conflicts may arise.

Students Should Read the Renting Contract Carefully.

Whether a Student opts to have a roommate or not and regardless of the type of apartment/room they select, the Student should be careful to read the contract before signing it. This is important because a rental/tenant agreement is a legal document and the Student should understand this document before they sign the contract. Many Students may never need to know the exact information and detail in their contract document but if a dispute arises, the Student should be aware of his/her rights.

Student should pay special attention.

Additionally, the Student should pay special attention to any sections of the contract which specify the landlord’s ability to evict the tenant. Contract sections specifying the requirements of the Student are also very important. This may include requirements for breaking the lease agreement in the event that the Student has to move before the lease period ends. There should be clear clauses about terminating the tenancy. There may be differences when renting in other states, like in Scotland and Northern Ireland. So those looking for accommodation in Aberdeen or rentals in Belfast may need to make detailed research.

Before Renting Student Accommodation, make sure you fully aware of the tenancy agreement.

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