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Types of Student Accommodation.

Types of Student Accommodation. Sharing a House or Flat. House Share is the most ideal student accommodation for students who are in university. During the first year students have made their group of friends and usually join together to rent a home or flat. Most homes for student accommodation are grouped around certain areas which are highly populated with other students. This makes it …

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Read Your Contract Carefully

Many renters barely even skim their rental agreement before signing their name at the bottom. Most renters are primarily concerned with the monthly charges, one time only fees, required deposits and other financial matters. Once they verify this information is accurate according to their conversations with the leasing agent, they often sign the agreement with no questions asked. This is a mistake because a …

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Sharing accommodation with a Student

Sharing a rental property, whether it is a room, an apartment or a house, can be either a dream come true or a living nightmare. There are many advantages to having a roommate; however, there are also disadvantages. When these disadvantages are severe they can result in an uncomfortable living environment in some situations and even a dangerous living environment in other situations. There …

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Taking Caring For a Rental Property

Taking Caring For a Rental Property Those who live in a rental property may have questions regarding how they should care for their home. While treating the property with respect and not intentionally doing damage to the property should be understood there are other gray areas where Students may not be sure what their rights and responsibilities are in the rental situation. In most …

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Terminating a Lease on a Rental Agreement

Most rental agreements have a section regarding the renter breaking and terminating the rent agreement. While there is also likely a section or numerous sections regarding when the leasing agent can evict and forcefully remove the renter, the section on breaking the lease should be of particular interest to those who might be in a position to have to break the lease unintentionally some …

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Benefits of Renting Student homes rather than buying.

While there are some Students who see renting an apartment or a room or a house as a failure, there are others who see and value the benefits there are to be gained from renting a property as opposed to purchasing a property. Some of the benefits of renting include the ability to save money while renting for the purpose of purchasing a home, …

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Before Renting Student Accommodation

Renting an apartment or room is a serious decision, which needs a great deal of attention before a final decision is made. When choosing an apartment/room to rent, Students have a variety of factors to consider and think about including, but not limited to, rent, property size, location, proximity to university, amenities, whether or not they want a roommate and how long they want …

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Student Accommodation Hunting Tips

Student Accommodation Hunting Tips Apartment/room hunting can be very overwhelming for some potential Students. Often the variety of options available to students is a source of overwhelming frustration for the Students. With so many attractive options it can be difficult to choose just one. However, there are some tips which can help to ease the process of student accommodation hunting. The process of finding …

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