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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions. Click to….

1) Advertising
2) Listing Your Properties
3) Helpful fields and pppw explained
4) Maps
5) Images
7) General


1) Advertising

What information is needed to register?
To register you need an email, a password and user name. Here is the link to the registration page.

Does list non-student accommodation?
No. This site is dedicated only to Accommodation for students.

Is the process of listing difficult?
No. The add property area is made easy and simple to operate and manage. You add as much or as little information in the fields. Upload images. And that’s pretty much it. You will need the street name, city and postcode and at least an image (of 500px by 500px). This is so we can pin your property on the maps.

How do I place an advert?
Link to Register . Log-in and then file the details. It’s just a matter of a minute or so! (provided you’ve got the image.)

How long does it take to list my properties?
Just a minute or so. (providing you have the image – 550px X 500px minimum) and the description at had. You can list with a few basic information and always return to edit it.

When will the listing be published?
I have correctly uploaded all the details and property images.
Your properties are published immediately.

Do you have a step by step guide to create profile and upload listings?
Yes. Please link to Step by step guide.

How long do the listings remain live?
360 days

Are you giving away a promotion?
Yes. At present we are promoting listings for free.

How much are the listing fees?
You get the first five at no cost. Please visit this  Advertise with Us page  for more details. There after the cost is at most just £20 per listing per year. The lowest would be just £1 a year for someone with two hundred listings.

.Do students need to be registered to contact the landlord?
No! Our website makes it simple for the students to contact you directly. Students do not need to register.

How do students contact landlords/agents/managers?
Either directly by phone or by using the contact form that directly submits the message to you.


2) Listing Your Properties

How to list your property?
To help you, we’ve explained it fully at his link, Simple and quick property listing which gives an in-depth explanation.

Why have rooms and bedrooms as separate input fields?
Rooms indicate Total rooms, including lounge and common rooms. Bedrooms indicate rooms allocated to students to rent. There will be usually be more rooms than bedrooms in a typical house. We are here to help you. So please be free to contact us if not sure.

Why when uploading property details are some fields required?
These are needed so your property can be placed in the search database correctly and on the maps.

Do I need to provide all the information at once?
No. A few fields are required. These are necessary. Thereafter, the other bits of information can be updated/added later.

Why do I need to fill some profile details first?
The few “required” fields of the profile are needed so when a user views your property, your profile page link has the correct contact details.

Are the input forms difficult?
The input forms are made as easy as possible. Some are select options from drop-downs others tic boxes. A listing can be uploaded in a minute. (providing you’ve your image and other details at hand.)

How are listings placed?
The software will include your property in the appropriate list and generate your map. Provide a valid Postcode and Street name and City for each property.

I have tried and yet I can not get the listing displayed. What should I do?
Please contact us. We are ever ready to assist and complete the listing which you can view and amend.

If my property is not rented out, can I extend the list period?
Yes. Enter you profile area by logging in with you user name and password and adjust your listing.

How do I add the features on my listing?
In the multi select option,  select all the options you want by simply ticking them. We have included over 30 common property features and amenities to make your listing quick and professionally presented.

.What if my property is let before the advert expiry date?
Enter your profile area and change the status of that property. That’s it. Please avoid deleting the listing. Our software is developed such that each property is indexed individually in search engines. It is not a nice experience for students having “dead links”. (broken links). You can also avoid the hassle of uploading the information again in a few months’ time..


3) Helpful fields and pppw explained

PPPW or PCM? (Per person per week or per calendar month?)
PPPW which our site uses allows students to budget and see different room prices. However, this rental is NOT how students may pay the rent. Each landlord will offer different payment arrangements. Check with the landlord/estate agent.

Who uses PPPW and who uses PCM? (Per person per week or per calendar month?)
Many student landlords/estate agents use the PPPW for student lettings. The PCM is usually used for non-student residential lettings.

How is the PPPW calculated? (Per person per week?)
The weekly estimate per person per week is calculated as follows:- PCM  (per month rent) times 12 divided by 53 divided by number of bedrooms. (Rounded to the nearest full pound upwards).

How much is the PPPW if the rent is £910 PCM in a three bedroom house?
So its PCM £910 X 12 (months) = £10920 per year (Annual rent). So per week that works out at £9720 / by 52 (weeks in a year) = £210 per week for all three bedrooms. PPPW is worked out by £210 / by 3 tenants = £70. So estimated PPPW is £70 assuming one student per bedroom. (please get clarification from the landlord/agent).

How do I work out my PPPW?
This calculator converts monthly rent to weekly rent and vice versa for the household and per person. Please visit Interactive Calculators: Simple Rent Calculator. This will give you a guide. Please confirm with your landlord.

Can I have a brief guide?
Please visit this page to see a simple table. PCM to PPPW.

How do students contact landlords/agents/managers?
Either directly by phone or by using the contact form that directly submits the message to you.

.Can I add my website link?
Yes. Please entre you website address in the social details tab when updating your profile information.

Can I add my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts?
Yes. Please add them in the social tab area on the profile form.


4) Issues with  Maps

Why the need for a complete postcode?
The maps are generated automatically and the postcode is needed to identify the location/street. Many other features of the maps, like street view and amenities etc are dependent upon a postcode location. The postcode is a search criteria too.

The map point shows the ocean?
Please check you have either pinned the property to map or  clicked the map point or filled the Latitude and Longitude details when you uploaded the property. Please go back to add property and check again. Often this selection is forgotten.

How to pin your property to the map location?
Listing Location of pin on map can be achieved by…
1) Using the button “Place pin with property address” OR
2) Clicking on the location on the map OR
3) Filling in Latitude and Longitude details. We’ve made it quick.

How can I find my properties Latitude and Longitude details or postcode or location.?
There are a number of ways to do this, but visiting Find My Address Postcode or Co-ordinates.  This widely used by many and is famous. There are other websites too.

.Do I need to add the longitude and latitude numbers for the map?
No, If you are happy with our “Pin property to address system” automated pin. However, If you are not happy, you may then use longitude and latitude numbers for the map or just click the map at the point you think best fits your property location. We’ve made it simple and easy.

Is the map location exact?
You may view the location. If you are not happy, set it manually by clicking on the maps section.


5) Issues with Images

Why can I not upload the images?
The images must be at least 500px by 500px. If you have difficulty, please contact us. This is to allow your properties to be presented professional across many devices including mobile phones.

Why do you require so large images?
You property will be presented correctly on other devices and on mobiles. Our website values mobile searches and users. The website is mobile friendly!!

How many images can I upload at a time?
You can load ten images at a time.

Can I change my images?
Yes. You can delete and rearrange them to your preference.
.What is the size/dimensions of the profile image?
Profile Image size/dimensions if used should be 500 x 500 px. We may help create a free one.

The images are looking odd. Why is that?
Images must be at least 500 by 500 px. Should you have wider (landscape) images, the presentation will be better.

How do I make an image the featured?
When uploading just double click the image you want as featured. That will show first in all displays.

If you have any question(s) please contact us using the Contact Form or e-mail us at admin @


6) General

Is an estate agent?
No. This site is a listing website only. Making it easy for students to find their property and for property owners/agents to find tenants.

Does negotiate on behalf of students or landlords/agents?
No. does not take part in any transactions between landlord/agent and tenant.

What is the profile area?
The profile area is where you control and manage your listing.

The “About Me” details does not show up?
You need to add a name. The “About Me” field is connected to a name. So please add a name.

Can I have information of how may hits my property got?
Yes! That’s makes us so unique. All your property listings have a graph to show your hits on a daily bases

Does have access to the e-mails sent out?
No. We cannot access the e-mails. The e-mails are sent directly to the owner/landlord/ estate agent/manager.

Who uploads content and information?
The landlord/estate agent. has no control over the content. It is therefore entirely the responsibility of any prospective tenant to carry out surveys and inspections to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and that the property complies with all regulations.

What about admin fees charged by agents/mangers?
Admin fees to landlords/agents may apply. The landlord/estate agent will include this information in the listing, notify you or you may enquire from them.

Why are admin fees charged?
Agencies/landlords may charge an administration fee. This fee may cover things like the cost of preparing the tenancy agreement, checking references, making up the inventory and any other costs of setting up the tenancy. Admin fees may also apply for renewing your tenancy agreement once it expires. Check with the agent/landlord.

What payment system do you use?
We are using PayPal gateway payment system for your safety and security, and they process many debt and credit cards. Also it the most common readily available.

How do you arrange a viewing?
The student contacts the landlord directly, either by telephone or using our instant forward messaging system. We do not take any part regarding viewings.

How will students to contact me?
They will phone you directly or send an e-mail from the contact form. Please check your inbox files or junk mail file.

Do you sell our e-mails?
NO! Never, we hate spam too. We only use the e-mails for our own correspondence.

Why have a disclaimer? is not an estate agent or letting agent. The information displayed is an advertisement by provided by the advertiser. We do not give any warranty to it’s accuracy and/or completeness of any  information on website. Contact the advertiser for the accuracy and completeness.

Why have search and advanced search ?
The layout has been professionally set so that mobile users can quickly and easily find your listings. This layout is the most effective for fast property searches and an awesome user experience.


Should you have any other questions, please e-mail us at


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