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Simple and quick property listing

How to add a property listing.

There are five short sections..

1) Address and Property Description Section
2) Property Price/Select Category/Media Section
3) Listing location Section
4) Brief Property Details Section
5) Amenities and features Section
Screen slides show

These sections are as follows and their respective images…


1) Address and Property Description Section

– Add the address. Street name, (area if you wish) City  and Postcode.

– And a description. The more information you provide, the better.


add student property on unistudentlets with ease


2) Property Price/Select Category/Media Section

 Add the Property Price. It must be presented as a pppw (per person per week.) Use only digit number. Do not include/add £ signs or pppw or pcm.

This is calculated as..
Calendar Month rent times 12. Giving total annual/yearly rent.
Total annual rent divided by 53 (53 weeks a year). Giving total weekly rent. (some may use 52 weeks in a year)
Total weekly rent divided by number of bedrooms to rent. This gives the pppw. (assuming its one person per room!)

– Select a category. Drop down. Apartment, halls, house, room in houseshare  or university campus halls.

– Add an image. At least 500px by 500px.


Student homes listing in the uk


3) Listing location Section (for google maps pin)

Street name (with or without area)

City from Drop down.

Add University  from drop down if you wish. (will make it easier when students search your property using university as a criteria. If your property serves more then one university, leave as none as default.)

Postcode. The student property postcode.

County/state. (no option- leave blank).

Country United Kingdom. Default. This is for google to recognise the address to create the pin of your property on the map.

Click Pin with property address.

Listing Location (for map pin). Street name, City, and Postcode. Select a university if you wish. County and Country at set default.



If you’re not happy with the automatic pin with address location, you may manually select it. “Centre Start Point” is Manchester Library. Please zoom and drag till you find your location.



 Your uk student property on the maps


4) Brief Property Details Section

-Room (Total number of rooms, including any common rooms and/or lounge. (Use numbers only  1, 2, 3, etc)

-Bedrooms (use numbers only)

-Bathrooms (use numbers only)

-Floors/levels.  Drop down. It’s Ground first, then it’s 1 or 2 or 4 (use numbers only)

-Rent Collect. Drop down default, pppw

-Total Tenants. Drop down


Listing details. Total Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Floors, Rent (PPPW default) and Total tenants.


5) Amenities and features Section

Just tick those that are applicable for your property, we’ve got over 35. If there is something else you need to add, please include it in the description section.

add student property to rent

Then please click.. “Add Property” button.

That’s it! In a few seconds.


For extra clarity, please click and watch this slideshow. Listing properties on couldn’t be easier!

5) Screen slides show

(You may want to go to the Registration or Log-in page/area)

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  • century student accommodation unistudentlets
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